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Trespass Magazine UK - Contemporary and provocative art, poetry, literature and photography.

Trespass Magazine is a bimonthly arts and literary magazine.

This is a classy, beautifully designed magazine packed with the most dangerous and exciting poetry, art, short fiction and music. We also deal with complex issues of sexuality and have regular articles on alternative lifestyles and sexualities. Ian McMillan, Patience Agbabi, Patrick Chapman, Tom Chivers are just some of the amazing contributors.

Our concept:
"Without contraries (there) is no progression."
William Blake

Trespass Magazine exists to draw out the greys in the shades between any kind of contrast, between good and evil, the prostitute and the saint, beauty and despair, and re-imagining them in colour. Whether the content is sexual, puritanical or merely deals with the gap between good taste and good sense, we will enter into the forbidden and make the illicit our common ground. Innovators, iconoclasts and outcasts will find a platform here. The magazine is all about breaking the rules...or embracing them.

Trespass Issue 1 included art and features such as:

  • Buttering Bread For The Damned--Ian McMillan talks about the day punk changed his life
  • Caledoscopio Missoni--The Genesis of the Missoni Textile Art
  • Exploring Alternative Sexualities--M.C. Nichols gives a first hand account of a Fetish experience, and discusses aspects of alternative sexualities
  • Dusky chanteuse Paloma Faith stars in our feature photo-series, Hollywood Murders
  • And Anthony-Noel Kelly talks about the impact being jailed for stealing body parts had on his life and work
  • Plus art from John Summers, Walera Martynchik, Anne Pigalle & music from Soko

Coming soon inTrespass Issue 2

  • Alasdair Gray talks to Trespass about his work, why it took so long to write Lanark and what he really thinks of the  Scottish Prime Minister (both of them!). Plus a lifetime’s worth of his amazing art…
  • James K. Walker spends 3 months with Nottingham Le Parkour ‘crew’ and tells us why it’s a growing sub culture in young Britain
  • Nick Garrard talks to Savoy Publisher’s, the last publishers who were prosecuted for their shocking publications …
  • Transgender Adventures: a photo story of gender bending proportions (photography by Ania Dabrovka, who recently exhibited her work at the National Portrait Gallery)
  • Plus the latest music (Bunny Rabbit and No Bra), art & the best of poetry and short fiction from the likes of Catherine Smith, David Gaffney, Katherine Gallagher and many more…

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